Nuru Massage

I would like to invite you to enjoy an ancient art of relaxation. If you’re seeking a new, exciting and extremely erotic massage experience then the Nuru Massage is the one for you! It is the ultimate in body to body massages!  

The word nuru comes from the Japanese language and it means “slippery”,  it originated from the name of the Seaweed used in it, called “Nori”, it is transparent, tasteless, odourless, extremely slippery and smooth and is well known for its herbal detoxifying properties.

My VIP Nuru Package

My Nuru VIP Package is either 90 minutes or 2 hours and both include an organic body scrub, hot towel cleanse, shared shower and intimate girlfriend experience!  Please read below to find out what is included in your VIP Package!  I also offer shorter Nuru Play time which you will also find below!

90 minutes – £220                                                                                                                                                    2 hours – £270

You will be invited into a specially prepared warm room with glowing candlelight and relaxing music, the perfect ambience for the intimacy about to unfold! You will take a hot, relaxing shower and then make your way to the massage table for a detoxifying body scrub massage, cleansing you from head to toe, this will be followed by my signature luxurious hot towel cleanse, stimulating the body in preparation for the Nuru Massage.  We will then pop into the shower together where I will wash away the remnants of the scrub to prepare you for the Nuru Massage!  Watch with anticipation as I teasingly apply the silky gel all over my body, of course you may help with that if you wish! And then experience the amazing sensation of my smooth skin on yours as I slide myself over your entire body starting off slow and sensual with our bodies rubbing together and working up to a crescendo of excitement.  Put simply it feels like nothing you’ve ever felt before and expect sensory overload. This is wild passion, maximum erotica and pure sexual pleasure. My Nuru massage is a unique and incredibly intimate experience, that will leave you breathless and completely satisfied.  After the massage, another hot shower will completely wash the nuru away leaving you invigorated and energized with wonderful sensations and memories to carry you through the rest of your day!!


Nuru Play

Just what it’s says in the title,  naughty, erotic nuru play. A mixture of a genuine Nuru Massage with sensual erotic play, mutual touching and lots of teasing. Have a quick shower to make yourself nice and wet, then hop on to the Nuru bed where we will erotically cover each other in the nuru gel and let the fun begin. Expect lots of sensual, naughty laughter as we intertwine our bodies, sliding, rubbing, massaging and feeling each other all over, our bodies wet and glistening with the nuru gel reaching a climatic, erotic finale.

Hour   –   £170

45 Minutes   –   £130

30 Minutes   –   £100